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About the Roadmap 2030 Initiative

Healthy Churches 2030 Initiative is a national campaign that seeks to incorporate key strategies and activities outlined by the U.S. Health & Human Services, Healthy People 2030 Initiative into its network of congregational health ministries and programs.

Healthy Churches 2030 Initiative is keenly focused on faith-based approaches to public health issues that support integrating cultural and science-based strategies within congregations throughout urban and rural communities.

Healthy Churches 2030 Initiative in conjunction with Roadmap 2030: The Black Health Agenda, will effectively address health disparities among primarily African American communities. The Healthy Churches 2030 Initiative provides parallel approaches to Healthy People 2030 related to health education, promotion, and programming.

Key Determinants of Health


  • Housing
  • Climate Change
  • Policy/Advocacy
  • Poverty/Economical Issues


  • Social norms
  • Faith/Religious
  • Stigma/Biases
  • Influencers/Change Agents


  • Access to Healthcare
  • Utilization
  • Available Healthcare Resources
  • Quality/Equitable Health Solutions


  • Faith/Religious
  •  Influences
  • Generational Factors
  • Cultural Beliefs
  • Healthy Literacy

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